DOG Tags

Each one of us has at least once in their lifetimes yearned for a Dogtag with our real and ‘Code Name’ engraved on it either when we played those First Person Shooter Games and collected numerous Dogtags in them to earn brownie points, or when we looked both enviously and longingly at someone who happens to be in the military. Now you may have a Dogtag with not just your name, but also with your ‘Code Name’ as a fashion accessory or you can have it used as a medical condition identifier for yourself or your loved ones or you can have them made to specification for your pets.

They make the wearer look smart and a complete standout! This accessory has grown far from being a means of identification in military to become a means of flaunting yourself or being the carrier of that much needed medical info in case of emergencies or again a way of marketing your brand name using pets.