Wristbands are not just another accessory; they are a symbol of belongingness-be it your group of best friends, your gym buddies, your sports mates, supporters of the same cause, members of the same organization etc.-they signify that you belong to a clan; A clan you have forged for yourself or your organization.


Lanyards are the answer to fine line between looking fashionably cool and still maintaining a sense of affinity towards a group or organization. They can look equally trendy with a formal shirt as they look with non-formals. Gone are the days when Lanyards originated as means for policemen to tie their whistles. 

USB drives

With the advent of computer age, how can the tiny but extremelyessential USB Drive not go through a fashionable makeover. Personalize your miniature storage device to not only resemble your favorite cartoon character to keep you happy when you use it, 

DOG Tags

Each one of us has at least once in their lifetimes yearned for a Dogtag with our real and ‘Code Name’ engraved on it either when we played those First Person Shooter Games and collected numerous Dogtags in them to earn brownie points, or when we looked both enviously and longingly at someone who happens to be in the military.